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Onsite Physical Examiner
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@SiteMedical will be offering onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing in 2015. Contact us for more information.

@SiteMedical is excited to annouce our newest service, The Simple Clinic. We believe The Simple Clinic will revolutionize how health care is provided. Please click the link below to find out more about The Simple Clinic.

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Coming soon.

Jonathan Hancock, NP-C

As an FMCSA licenced medical examiner, Johnny offers second to none service, price, and convenience. Johnny's mission is to keep your employees on the road and out of the waiting room through effieciency of onsite medical care.

DOT Physical Exams

Passing the DOT physical exam (CME), for the commercial drivers license (CDL), is mandated by federal guidelines. It is designed to insure that all commercial drivers are fit enough to drive safely now, and in the near future.


@SiteMedical is committed to providing DOT physical exams at a low cost, at your place of business, at your convenience. No company is too large or too small. We will always strive to keep your employees on the road where you need them.

Drug & Alcohol Testing
Coming soon!

-DOT Testing Available


- Random Selection


- Hair, Saliva, & Urine

- Certified Tests


- 100% ONSITE

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